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Still not dead. Still not writing.

It's not that I don't love writing or having my stories up for people still into these fandoms to read. But I do want to make my work private over time and actually take a real crack at writing. I don't even know how to make a link or lj-cut anymore but I love writing still and just wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE who ever READ ANYTHING of mine whether you reviewed or not it really meant a lot to me to have had such a following.


Friends only guys...


... and comment to be added back... it just makes life easier which is good for lazy asses like me.

NOTE: If you WANT to be added. PLEASE comment so I know. If you don't comment I don't have a clue. I didn't appreciate whoever it was that found me on AIM and decided it fit to yell at me for not adding them fast enough. I'm sorry if you think that a simple comment is asking too much.

LOVE as always...

-meh Jess

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You know I hate being called rude and shit.

But please. If you are a friend of mine on LJ, put YOUR GIANT pics under an LJ cut. If that is asking to much, then you can comment here, tell me that and I'll happily de-friend you. I'm the kind of user that is a part of so many groups and fandoms that it's easier for me to simply watch my friends page. This also allows me to keep up in you people's lives and whatnot. However, I get sick of these ginormous fucking picture not hidden by a cut. You don't see me posting my stories without a cut, so please, put your pics under LJ cuts.


(I don't mean this for all pictures. Just the HUGE ones that freeze my damn computer when they load.)
what do you do when you realize...

Anyone wanna hear some crazy stories?

Real life... or RL as all the LJ junkies abbreviate. What is real life? To people who sit on there's computers all day, that's there life. Now I'm not accusing anyone with this nor do I find being on a computer all day a bad thing so nobody should take offense.

I was homeless for a long time, that was when I met my boy friend who is the most amazing person in the world. Ever since we met we've been kicked out of our parents places left and right because his mom is just a cyko and mines a twisted manipulative bitch!! (She taught me well but she needs to cool the fuck down...) Divorce generally tends to bring out the worst in people. And when i say we get kicked out, the last couple times involved cops.

Anyways, we just got the warning to get out of my basement, so we're bouncing between his mothers and my place trying to keep piece while saving up some cash. We're trying to quit cigarettes and I'm seriously cutting down but I think its making me sick and my snoring worse. Like I sound like bronchitis or something. It's scary. We're not done smoking pot but because his mom put him in jail a while back (its behind them now, i don't even get it just accept it) and the repercussions were probation or jail time. He chose probation and honestly fuck the Norwich court. Fuck the government in general as always but regardless he's in SKAAD so he has to get clean to graduate from the stupid program even though he isn't even some hard core user of anything. He's also getting clean for a job interview his dad got him at Mohegan Sun which is a good thing. Thankfully I don't gotta but I can't rub it in. He's got my heart.

Just yesterday we ran into one of his friends and now we might have a place to live. It's a three bedroom, there'd be for or five other ppl and one of them is pregnant going to have a baby... but he'll only charge us like a buck fifty and seriously... try to say no to that in my situation. My father moved into my old bedroom when the divorce started. Get this, he has a girlfriend already but my mother has tied him to living in the house until he makes it looks nice to sell it. Well we were living in the basement and its time for that things makeover.

Hopefully everythings coming together and I'm not jynxing myself. With rent only $150 me and Garrett can save up for a place together which would be ideal. If you're someone who doesn't believe in sex before marriage or thinks living with the man you love is wrong then my journal isn't the place for you. Really... lol

But here's my public announcement to the world: Traditional Marriage is a thing of the past. Getting married is not right for everyone but you shouldn't have to get married in the first place. Why do it? If you want to be together for ever than just stay together. All marriage does is set a couple up for divorce because once you get married... you have that option. Now lets say 2 couples decide to spend forever together. One gets married, one doesn't. Chances are with divorce rates staying the highest they've been since like the 20's or 40's (I kinda forgot from high school. I never got my GED. but I will. Just a bit busy right now.) both the couples decide they don't want to be together anymore. The couple who chose not to get married can avoid court all together if they so choose. But the other couple is just adding to an endless cycle created by our government leading everyone to believe marriage is the shit when really you end up getting robbed for money (depending or which spouse you are, and youre lawyers who are really nothing but pricks and dicks for pussy's to cower behind and I even believe you have to get like 5 grand or something just to start it off. Why would you want to put yourself through that? If you want to be with someone, be with them because you want to be. Be happy while your young because you're only young for so long. And young love is so cute.

Now with that little rant I'm not saying this like people aren't happily married in the world. I meet elderly couples at work everyday who still have that little glint in their eyes. But my basic point, it's the 21st century. Things HAVE changed. This Rx generation I'm a part of with all the "fix your mental problems with pills" has fucked everyone in the head. When I was young children were either more spoiled or more neglected then ever. And if they neglected you, at least they were nice enough to drug you up just to keep you from telling them a million ways you've thought up to kill yourself. So when we all became teenagers we were a little out there and different, some smarter, some dumber, but a hell of a lot more kids getting into drugs. So now the Rx generation is soon to run the world which obviously means that we'll be getting older and finishing college soon and hopefully changing the world cuz its been lame for awhile now but the point is, these crazy all over the place bi-polar suicidal people are going to be settling down with other people. If marriages from 20 years or less ago are falling apart left and right we should just not do it. Listen to Gene Simmons. He's right. It's the most romantic thing to me to think of being with Garrett forever, but it might not happen so we'll take care of it like adults face to face. Not with a lawyer sitting between us talking about property rights.

And I know I can't be the only person to think this way. I mean there's way more to it. Our founding father's wanted church and state separated. George Washington only swore over the bible because he liked the ideals. Everyone else was just copying him and if you know anything about good ole Georgie-from-way-back-when-Washington you know he had a bunch a big pot farms and smoked a pipe probably because he helped him become the most known dude around here with fightin of the Brits and all. Now here's my disclaimer for jesus freaks. I love jesus too. His teachings are good morals to consider in you're daily life. But you only live once and what if there's nothing after death. Don't you wanna say that you LIVED IT UP while you were here. If you wanna talk about it lemme know. I either sound crazy batshit insane or your with me. Just don't think less of me, remember you've never met me. I'm down to earth. I wish I could meet all of you or anyone that replies.

This thing is long. And this is the end.

go check out cheer boy. but before you do that reply and let me know what YOU think if you wanna. That'd be pretty cool. I didn't sleep last night and I don't plan to get any.

Everyone Roxers my Boxers. Wish me well with this new place! I hope we can make it work out....

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Title: Cheerboy
Author: Meh Bitchezz. x_tired_craxy_x
Summary: Pretty simple. Benji and Joel are cheerleader about to battle for the title of some competition. Bring it ON Bitches!
Notes: No, the boys aren't related. If you want a story where they are I suggest looking into my archive here or here
Disclaimer: Yeah, I made this shit up. Don't worry about it dudes.

Chapter One of Cheerboy
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Who Wants Cheerboy on LJ?

Cheerboy is a story where Benji and Joel are cheerleaders.... It's on fanfics... Before you rush over there to read it lemme kno if you just want me to post it over here.

Love you all and thanks everyone that's reviewed What's Mine. You guys are the only reason I'm still writing this stuff :-)

Later and Lots of Love!!!

-Jess the Mess
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What's Mine

Title: What's Mine?
Author: Meh Jess. x_tired_crazy_x
Summary: "I'm sorry Benji, I love you, but you're not mine anymore..." His scared face turns into a confused one. I move up to him and kiss his cheek. "I'm sorry, but we're over..." Joel may think it's over, but its not.
Dedication: To Rachel. Without her, I wouldn't exist.
Disclaimer: Not real, never happened. I'm making this up.
Notes: Thanks to everyone that reads this.. It means lots... If you still are... It means even more.

Add me and I'll get you back. I'm nice. A comment to let me know is also nice. Much Love!

Chapter 24 to Refresh Your Memory

What's Mine-25
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(no subject)

hey sorry its been so long.
became homeless and moved in with my recent boyfriend
parents divorcing
2 and a half yr old kid to fight about...

lifes just getting interesting. i have my computer so who knows.
maybe i'll get to writing soon again... maybe. hopefully.

well wishes to everyone. WHAT UP! howyuh been? heh...

till the next time
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